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We are specialized in backlit masterpieces reproductions, just imagine what it could be like having a Van Gogh, a Michelangelo or a backlit Monet painting hanging on the wall of your yacht, office or at home in your living-room or in your bedroom!

Just think about the atmosphere you can create just by dimmering the light of a wonderful art masterpiece! We buy the HD images directly from the digital museums’ archives from all over the world, you will discover many interesting details.
The whole structure of each single reproduction is made of polycarbonate incased in a real wood frame with four protective burnished brass corners. Each one of our reproductions is certified and carries its own individual serial number as well as our company red wax seal.


  • the backlit structure is made of polycarbonate
  • real wood frame 0,6 mm thickness
  • 4 protective brass corners
  • red wax Simplex seal
  • certified serial number


Our MTBS, with its different versions, allows us to built authentic backlit indoor mosaics that can be hung on walls or ceilings, but can be used also as flooring.

Our MBTS is an authentic backlit indoor mosaic composed of a number of Backlit Tiles.
Each Tile is 50×50 cm at only 1,6 cm thick, it weights only 2,3kg and it is extremely energy efficient with a consumption of only 12 Watts.

The back side is made of iron or alluminium and the front surface is made of printable polycarbonate.
Thanks to our patented technology light spreads out perfectly across the whole surface of the tile to all of four edges which allows us to to create backlit mosaics of any size just by adding on tile to another.
Our mosaic structures are held onto a surface by a very light ,crossed, slotting, iron frame to which our backlit tiles are magnectically attached.
Thanks to our Interchangeable Interlocking Graphic System, changing the backlit image is a very simple and fast operation that can be done in few seconds by changing each frontal polycarbonate printed shell by hand avoiding any use of tools this allow our clients to buy the backlit structure and use it with different purposes.
All our Backlit mosaics are dimmable, just by using a simple remote controll you can change the atmosphere in your environment.


  • square shape
  • 50 by 50 by 1,6 cm thickness
  • back side made of galvanized iron or alluminium
  • front shell surface made of printed polycarbonate
  • only 12 watts
  • 24 volts
  • dimmable
  • easy interchangeable printed front shells systems


This is an authentic Mosaic System Tile System – indoor use, it can actually be use for indoor use itself.
In this case the dimensions of the Backlit Tiles can change due to the surface we have to backlit
– each unit is completely made of polycarbonate
– each unit is waterproof and dust resistant
– the backlit structure is mount to a wall or to a standalone structure, it depends of our client request


These products can be used as inserts in pools of fountains underwater lighting and giving an incredible atmosphere.

  • the whole tile are made of polycarbonate
  • the surface can be u.v. printed
  • waterproof

EXPO BOX Expo Box Movable Display

Designed for the costumers needs to show and sell their own products using a backlit high impact image on the background.
It is a movable display composed of 9 backlit Tiles (1,5×1,5mt) fixed to a metalic standalone structure by powerfull magnets and safety chains, the objects are placed over two incorporated PC transparent shelves and illuminated by two specific Led lights which light only the objects without interfering with the light below. The structure has wheels and on its back it has an aluminium white panel which contains all the cables and the power supply.

This display is very interesting for two specific reasons:
1- it is very easy to move around a room and change position
2- Thanks to our Iterchangeable Interlocking Graphic System, our clients can easly change the backlit image just bychanging each front printed shell by hand, it takes only few seconds without any use of tools.

– Movable Display
– backlit total surface covered :2,25mq – dimensions 1,5×1,5mt
– composed of 9 backlit units 50×50 cm named as “Backlit Tiles”
– thickness 1,8 cm
– units mounted by magnets and safety chains
– standalone metalic structure with 4 pivoting wheels,
– 2 transparent plex shelves
– 2 specific Led lights to illuminate only the objects without interfering with the light below
– easy interchangeable printed front shells system– no tools-
– 12 Watt
– 24 Volts
– cables
– power supply
– back alluminium panel
– plug


Our single-sided backlit letters for indoor and outdoor use have a printed polycarbonate surface with any graphic on demand, the side is made of alluminium and the Led wiring base is made of PVC.


– single-sided backlit letters for indoor and outdoor use and for glass surfaces.
– surface made of (printed)polycarbonate,
– side made of prepainted aluminum,
– bottom part made of semi-expanded PVC for Led wiring base
– power supply adapted to the number of the letters.
– Only for glass surfaces: precablate letters delivered positioned on a disposable template for better installation.


Our backlit curved walls change the idea of space perspective creating wonderfull light effets and warm smooth atmospheres


Single-sided or double-sided backlit curved walls made of printed polycarbonate with graphic on demand
– backlit curved walls with real backlit wood, 0,6 mm
– backlit curved walls with real backlit cork,
– possibility of outstanding walls on demand
– dimmerable
– power supply incorporated
– cables
– plug

GIAMIANI is the new made in Italy brand that Simplex presents this year with its two brand new line of table and wall lamps.
The Lily line presents a choice of elegant and essential table lamps with a vaguely floral conical design, where the refinement of total white lights up sophisticated lighting effects.
The Vegan Green line, with its sinuous shapes, intersects precious material suggestions of pure woods that create refined and warm luminous atmospheres that relax us by somehow changing the sense of time in the space around us.