Simplex Luce
MBTS Outdoor
The decoration of palaces with marble, mosaic and fresco works dates way back in the history of civilisation. We offer backlit outdoor mosaics that can change the look of facades and outdoor environments with certified lightweight interlocking structures that are easy to transport and very quick to assemble.
It is a backlit LED mosaic for outdoor use, made up of standard luminous tiles in printable polycarbonate of 1×1 m [approx 3′ 3 3/8″], with an overhanging thickness of 6 cm [approx. 2 3/8″], dust-resistant and water-resistant IP 67/68, with a perfect diffusion of light until the edges, mounted on a metal interlocking structure, easy to assemble and transport. With this system, buildings or portions of them can be clad, and surface graphics can be changed over time as needed. This type of product requires a careful study by our design office in order to ensure the maximum yield of the product according to the characteristics of the building to be clad. Furthermore, in order to meet the needs of our clients, it is possible get backlit tiles of different sizes according to the technical requirements to be dealt with.

Technical Notes

Our outdoor mosaic consists of:
– structure of interlocking metal profiles fixed to the wall
– outdoor LED backlit units
– standard printed tiles in polycarbonate
– standard dimensions: 100×100 cm [approx 3′ 3 3/8″]
– about 8 kg each.
– exchangeable
– thickness 0.6 cm [approx. 1/4″]
– sealed IP67/68
– dust resistant,
– waterproof