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MBTS Indoor
The technique of mosaic decoration is among the oldest in human history and has always been used to adorn and refine rooms and often tell stories by depicting scenes from life or mythological legends. We produce authentic modern backlit mosaic works with very thin luminous tiles, only 1.6 cm [approx. 5/8″] thick, that with a perfect light diffusion enable us to decorate interior and exterior spaces by creating walls and ceilings, floors, stairs and exterior cladding of any size. Our mosaic systems are easy to assemble because they use interlocking structures with magnets. They are cheap to transport since they are lightweight and can be packed in small cardboard boxes.

Our MBTS Mosaic Backlit Tile System INDOOR allows us to build genuine LED backlit mosaic works of any size that can be used as walls and ceilings. It is an interlocking system of backlit tiles, each of 50×50 cm [approx. 19 11/16″ x 19 11/16″], only 1.6 cm [approx. 5/8″] thick, weighing 2.3 kg and consuming only 12 Watts. Thanks to our patent, the light is diffused constantly and homogeneously over the entire surface of the tile until the edge, thus creating perfectly backlit mosaic works.
Depending on the version, the back of the mosaic tile can be made of white painted galvanised iron or aluminium, while the printable surface is made of polycarbonate.
The tiles are mounted by means of powerful magnets on metal structures made of iron tubes and profiles that are fixed to the walls or ceilings.
Attention!!! Our clients can replace the printed image on the surface whenever they wish thanks to our interchangeable interlocking graphic system by manually substituting the printed surface of each tile with a snap and without using any tools and …. in a few seconds!
All our mosaics can be dimmable to control the intensity of light with a remote control and create the desired atmosphere in your environment.

It Is A Backlit Mosaic Work Of Any Size For Interiors. It Is Made Of No. … Backlit Units Called “Mosaic Tiles”.

Technical Notes

Technical characteristics of each unit:
– dimensions 50×50 cm [approx. 19 11/16″ x 19 11/16″]
– only 1.6 cm [approx. 5/8″] thick in aluminium, 1.8 cm [approx. 11/16″] in iron,
– weighs only 2.3 kg in aluminium, 4.3 kg in iron
– 1 LED bar
– very low consumption only 12 Watts at full power
– press-folded back sheet in painted iron or aluminium depending on the version
– printable polycarbonate front, easily replaced without requiring any tools thanks to the interlocking system
– metal support structure for the backlit units made of tubes and iron profiles
– the units are fixed to the metal frame with powerful magnets and safety metal chains
– easy to transport in lightweight, low-volume cardboard boxes (1 box for 3 backlit units) + metal tubes of the structure
– easy to assemble (video tutorial and assembly instruction booklet are provided)