Simplex Luce
Led Letters

These are single-sided backlit signs made of letters, available in several sizes, for indoor and outdoor use that can be mounted on glass surfaces. The faces are in printed polycarbonate, the sides in pre-painted aluminium sheets and the bases in semi-expanded PVC.

They are equipped with a power supply that is suitable for the number of letters. They are supplied to the client already wired and set on a disposable jig for easy positioning and installation.
The company also works in the nautical industry and produces fully waterproof outdoor signs for installation on the external facades of yachts and other boats.

Technical Notes

Signs with backlit letters – versions:
– INDOOR for walls
– printed polycarbonate surface with made-to-order graphics
– shaped aluminium side painted in the colour of your choice
– LED wiring PVC base
– OUTDOOR water-resistant IP67
– as OUTDOOR GLASS IP67 for glass surfaces