Simplex Luce

These are modern polycarbonate light canvasses in which artwork, art photos or high-quality souvenir photos can be reproduced. Ultra-thin products, 23 mm thick and very light, 4 kg per m², elegant in their essential shapes and design, produced in standard sizes, dimmable on demand, very easy to install and each equipped with its own power supply

Technical Notes

LED backlit wall panels for artwork and photo reproductions

– 23 mm thick

– 4 kg m²

– 0.75 mm polycarbonate front surface with printing

– Indoor LED lights with IP20 rating

– Outdoor LED lights with IP68 waterproof rating on demand

– Aluminum base

– Standard Dimensions: 1000×1000 mm, 700×1000 Mm, 700×500 Mm, 600×800 Mm, 500×500 Mm (Approximate)

– Customized Dimensions On Demand

– 24V

– 100W For M²

– Power Supply

– Dimmable

– Superfast Installation And Wiring