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Pietro Miani

Our history

Simplex was founded in 1962 by Pietro Miani who, thanks to his creative genius and profound technical knowledge, working side by side with some of the best Italian architects and light designers, implemented several lighting design projects…


Latest News

Interior Light Designers

We furnish interiors with light. We unfold the interiors through new luminous perspectives with our walls, ceilings and very thin floors. We create around you unique and comfortable relaxing and sophisticated atmospheres for an intense experience of your daily environments.



Exterior Light Designers

We customize the look of buildings and outdoor environments by designing and creating very thin and lightweight backlit facades of any size with systems that are highly efficient and have a low environmental impact.

Backlit Masterpieces

A work of art made luminous by us endows any environment with style and refinement. A precious HD reproduction tells its story by spreading light and intimate atmosphere.




Nautical Industry

The company has been interested in luxury nautical industry for a few years, taking on new challenges in the design and creation of backlit walls, ceilings, floors and exterior-cladding for boats.


We believe that designing luminaries — be they walls, ceilings, floors or lamps — is much more than a creative act. It is a way of furnishing in the fullest sense, creating comfortable environments designed for those who live in them day by day or occasionally.
Light is an essential element of our life, we often forget that it enables us to distinguish colours, objects and makes us participate in the spaces around us.





Our corporate sustainability project starts first and foremost from a long-term progressive internal cultural transformation demanded by the owner Giancarlo Miani. His vision of environmental protection is transformed into daily actions right from the initial design phase, making internal production processes increasingly sustainable.
Just have a look at our products one by one, from our indoor and outdoor backlit walls to our Giamiani lamps made of real wood, cork, silk and paper, to realise that the products in our portfolio are 95% recyclable.
For Simplex, sustainability is a serious matter, a daily and constant commitment that has profoundly changed the way we operate in the market.


From Design to Implementation

Our priority is to listen, feel emotions, understand the aesthetic and technical requirements, then structure the ideas by discussing in our company a first draft, followed by technical drawing and rendering, and finally meet the client again to discuss and analyse the project together. Communication is direct and the development of the project is a fluid progression that, after final approval, moves into the production stage. In our company we are in full control, from design to production, and have been offering our extensive know-how to our clients since 1962!


Our magic formula: ideas + know-how = creativity
The synergy of these two factors combines technical knowledge in many fields, an innate penchant for challenges and a fundamental mix of folly, sensitivity and taste.
The creative technical development of a project leading to the birth of a product is very complex, in some cases it can be very fast, almost immediate, other times it must settle down and develop in several stages. It is a work for free minds that explore feelings, technical aspects and lighting effects with enthusiasm and desire to achieve goals by interpreting inspirations.

Giamiani Brand Philosophy

We have created this new Giamiani brand – made in Italy – because we felt the need to illuminate through nature, as the sun illuminating the autumn leaves creates wonderful play of lights and colors, like when you see the shapes that appear fromsemitransparency of the fabrics exposed against the light…

Where We Are:
Via Castagnole, 24
31100 Treviso – Italy

Phone: +39 0422 230765

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Sales & MKTG Manager:
Nicoletta Russian
Mobile: +39 366 8404875