Simplex Luce
Curved Walls

Tailor-made curved backlit walls made of polycarbonate and aluminium with customised curvature and dimensions. They change the layout and perspective of room space and create wonderful atmospheres thanks to dimming.

Curved polycarbonate walls with custom-made single or double-sided curvatures.
– version with polycarbonate outer surface printed with the image of your choice – version with real wood backlit outer surface 0.6 mm [approx. 1/4″] thick
– real cork backlit outer surface version
– possibility of free-standing or wall-anchored structures
– dimmable
– built-in power supply unit
– internal wiring

Technical Notes

Curved one-sided or two-sided walls
– in polycarbonate
– printed with graphics made-to-order
– 0.6 cm [approx. 1/3″] thick semi-transparent real bamboo covering
– real cork covering
– free-standing structures on request
– dimmable on request