Simplex Luce

SIMPLEX is proud to present the new Giamiani product! KYTE

A very light backlit kite that hung on the walls or ceilings of indoor environments brings … joy, atmosphere and light!!!
It is a true 3D Italian-design lamp, capable of illuminating the surroundings by creating wonderful effects of light, color and shapes, giving a touch of sophistication to any setting, public or private.
It is installed on the wall like a painting, is indestructible due to its polycarbonate surface and ultra-light metal back, works on low voltage (12 volts), has very low power consumption and includes its own power supply.
Kyte is a versatile product. Depending on the graphics chosen, it can also become a marketing tool placed inside business premises with a dual function of lamp and sign… a few examples follow to give you an idea.
It is produced in many shapes and sizes that can be considered as individual pieces or as part of a composition… all to meet the many needs of our clients…

Technical Notes

– polycarbonate structure
– Ultra-light metal back
– works on low voltage (12 volts)
– very low power consumption