Simplex Luce

Our history

Simplex was founded in 1962 by Pietro Miani who, thanks to his creative genius and profound technical knowledge, working side by side with some of the best Italian architects and light designers, implemented several lighting design projects that are considered as hallmarks of technological innovation to this day. In 1979, in collaboration with the Italian company Galileo, famous all over the world for its production of optical systems, he designed and built one of the most important planetariums in Europe, which is still in operation and can be visited at this time.
Giancarlo Miani, son of the founder, thanks to his overwhelming enthusiasm for underwater photography, immersed in his studies on the effects of light through transparent and semi-transparent materials, has registered many patents in the field of lighting design and brought the company to a very high level of specialization.
Simplex s.r.l. designed and constructed several important backlit works: walls, ceilings, floors in many materials, both curved and flat ones, and staircases for some of the most important museums in the world as well as for large shopping centres, restaurants, hotels, cultural centres, implementing innovative renewal solutions for modern and ancient buildings, boutiques, airports and trade shows.