Simplex Luce
Expo Box

It is a backlit LED display unit designed to display products in the shop window or inside a shop with a backlit image in the background that is easy to replace without tools. It comprises two transparent shelves and is equipped with wheels. It is supplied with power supply and is very easy to assemble.

It is a 1.5 x 1.5 m [approx. 3″ 3 3/8″] display unit designed for those who wish to display their products with a backlit image in the background.
It is composed of 9 mosaic tiles in a free-standing structure and is equipped with wheels and LED lights to illuminate the objects displayed on two transparent shelves that are integrated in the structure itself.

This display unit is very interesting for 2 reasons:
– 1: Thanks to our interlocking system, the backlit background graphics can be changed manually without any tools in a few seconds by replacing the polycarbonate face.
– 2: the display unit is mounted on a free-standing metal structure with 4 pivoting wheels so it can be quickly positioned and moved in a room.
– the back of the display unit is closed by a white aluminium panel which contains all the wiring and the power supply.

Technical Notes

Backlit LED display unit
total backlit area 2.25 m² [approx. 24.21 sq. ft.]
– dimensions 1.5×1.5 m [approx. 3′ 3 3/8″]
– made of 9 units of 50×50 cm [approx. 19 11/16″ x 19 11/16″] “Backlit Tiles”.
– 1.8 cm [approx. 11/16″] thick, mounted by means of magnets and safety metal chains on a free-standing – metal structure with 4 pivoting wheels,
– 2 transparent Plexiglas shelves integral in the structure
– 2 narrow-beam LED lamps
– front graphics can be changed by means of a simple snap-on system – no tools required.
– wiring
– built-in power supply unit
– white aluminium back cover panel
– easy to assemble (video tutorial and assembly instruction booklet are provided)
– electrical cable and plug