Light Q Box


Light Q Box - modular light panels no frames - Simplex Srl
Light Q Box luminous panel modular - SImplex Srl
LIGHT Q BOX - Modular light luminous panel for interior design - Simplex Srl


Light Q Box is a squared lowered profile modular light panel.


High quality product consisting of a metal alloy box, white light LED and a front diffuser in self-extinguishing material.


The constant luminance up to the limits of the perimeter and the total absence of frames, make it an essential lamp, easy to install, but also the ideal support for every translucent surface.


Push in sequence more LQB closer to each other to obtain modular luminous walls of great impact and without dimensional limits.


The system stands up on hanging modules on the wall; each LQB perfects its position by floating on a plane of magnets; the result is a single light panel in which the joints between the various LQBs are barely perceptible.


Patented product with CE marking guaranteed for 3 years.


  1. Constant luminance
  2. Modularity from a mechanical and lighting technique point of view
  3. Practical and easy assembly
  4. High electrical efficiency
  5. Even the large surfaces will be part of packaging modules not exceeding 1m x 1m.
  6. Dimming. It’s possible to adjust the light selectively.
  7. Patented product with CE mark.
  8. 3 year guarantee.


– Box in 5/10 galvanized and painted sheet.

– Frontal buffering in neutral opal PC plates or printed on the outer face.



  • Number 1 LED bar natural white light
  • Power supply 24VDC 0.5 Ā°
  • Consumption 12 Watt
  • Cables outlet: number 2 conductors and relative cable gland fixed to the opposite face PC front and 6mm protruding
  • Supply: Number 1 power supply 230V- 15W


LQB dimensionsĀ 

  • mm 500xmm500xmm21 the metal box + PC buffering
  • mm 500xmm500xmm27 C.S. including rear fairlead.
  • Weight: 3.9. Kg