Deserve the light

Simplex has been designing and building lighting systems since 1962

Light isn’t material for hands, you can’t grasp it, you can’t bend it.


You can dominate it by molding luminous sharps, always different according to the environment you want to bring the soul out.


Yes, because light, with its atmospheres, brings the deep soul of things to the surface. This is how Simplex thinks so.


And totally dedicates itself in search of new luminous frontiers, with set designer’s eyes who portrays each space as a theatrical backdrop.


In this way, luminous objects of any kind are born from his workshop with LED technology, low thickness light panels, marble and wood floors and surfaces with backlighting, works that characterize large brands and prestigious salespoints in the world.


Simplex has been designing and building lighting systems since 1962.
With great sensitivity to new technologies, the company promotes research in illumination design, revolutionizing the concept of traditional sign and developing extremely innovative products.


Sophisticated numerical control equipment guarantees the seriality of the products, despite the company’s craft vocation.
Simplex has chosen to produce exclusively in Italy.

New Luminous Frontiers0%

Led Technology0%

Backlit Floors and Surfaces0%

Low Thickness Light Panels0%

Q Light BOX Interior modular light panel

The versatility of this product has no limits. It can be used singularly as a decorative light source or composed in countless units, covering the most varied surfaces with light.

Modular luminous writings for showcases and surfaces - Simplex Srl Italy

No holes in the glass, no cables dangling between the letters, no light boxes inside the glass. Chromatic and luminance uniformity, high quality of execution.