Simplex is an italian family company founded in 1962 by Pietro Miani as an high standard metal carpentry. Thanks to his engeneering, genious and creativity in working plastics and metallic materials he has been working side by side with some of the best known companies, architects and light designers solving problems and realizing very complicated and sophisticated projects.

In 1979 Simplex started a collaboration with Galileo, one of the most famous producer of optical projection systems and built near Venice one of the most impressive planetarium structure in Europe that is still talked about and visit even today.

Giancarlo Mani, son of the founder, added new energy to the company, being a teacher of underwater photography, his deep knowledge of how light flows through transparent materials issued several important patents using backlight for illumination.

Simplex srl has accomplished some of the best backlit walls, floors and ceilings projects: catering to the needs of the most important museums and art exhibitions as well as hotels, cultural centers ancient and modern buildings as well as boutiques, airports, fairs, restaurants and clubs.

We backlight natural materials like granite, marble, wood, himalayan salt as well as every transparent polymer material.


Simplex srl focuses its search of backlighting diverse materials attraverse translucent images convinced that this technique can stimulate visual communication.

Using our backlighting technology on masterpiece reproductions we give them a new lease of life.

We open the space! Thanks to our Mosaic Tail System we have the capability to transform any wall into a landscape and any ceiling into a beautiful sky.

Simplex srl is very eco-friendly and focuses on using many recycled materials.

The use of light emitting diodes as our light source optimizes the diffusion of light allowing us to offer a product that is very energy efficient yet and kind to the environment.